APPENDIX A: Original Contributors and Credits

This FAQ was maintained and written by jester (Tobias Reckhard) <> during 1994-1997. His thanks go to (in no particular order):

Harald Zappe Todd Walsh Barry Nathan
Matt Behrens (Zigg) Dan Nicholson Rich "Akira" Pizor
Jens Puchert (Jensi) Jason M. Spangler Aaron J. Luz
Dave Wach Matthew E. Centurion (Mashoe) Dan
John Roland Christian Steiber Steven Innell
Tim Fries (Frenchy) Rich La Bonte Heikki Kantola
Lyman Green Sir Fitz Ryan Kyle
Henry Huang Jeffrey L. Hayes Eric Lowe
Peter F. Handel Andreas Schiffler  

The updates/new additions were maintained and compiled by Steve Gilmore <> from January-March 1998 with the aid and unflagging assistance of these absm stalwarts:

Hugh Hulme <>
Martin Hall (Pleonist) <>
Matthias Inghe (Ming) <>
M. Linus Lars‚ <>
Carsten Stiller <>
Glen Warner <>
Chris (of The Clones) <>
wOOd of Acid Demons <>
Zola of Trax In Space <>
James Smith <>
Yannick Delwiche <>
Kim Kraft <>

All regulars from UT's Bulletin Board and all posters on absm/amm
A special thanks to Sam, who delivered this beast in all weathers<g> and watched over it's safety at a critical time.


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