APPENDIX D: Overview of Effects Used in Digital Music Modules

This section supplied by Jens Puchert.

The following covers all ProTracker and ScreamTracker 3 effects. The effect commands are given for ProTracker first, and then for Scream Tracker. Fast-, Take-, and MultiTracker also use the ProTracker command set. The parameters are given as "x", "xx", or "xy". "x" means there's a single parater for this effect. "xx" means there's a single parameter composed of two digits. "xy" means there are two independent parameters for this effect.
                                PT effect      S3M effect

1. Effects that change the pitch of the currently playing note

* Arpeggio                      0xy             Jxy
* Portamento Up/Down            1xx/2xx         Fxx/Exx
* Fine Portamento Up/Down       E1x/E2x         FFx/EFx
* Extra Fine Portamento Up/Down    -            FEx/EEx
* Portamento To Note            3xx             Gxx
* Vibrato                       4xy             Hxy

2. Effects that change the volume or pan position of one or more channels

* Set Volume                    Cxx             [vol. column]
* Volume Slide                  Axy             Dxy
* Fine Volume Up/Down           EAx/EBx         DxF/DFx
* Set Global Volume             -               Vxy
* Set Panning (finesteps)       8xx             Xxx
* Set Panning                   E8x             S8x
* Stereo Control                -               SAx
* Tremolo                       7xy             Rxy
* Tremor                        -               Ixy

3. Effects to influence flow control and speed

* Set Speed                     Fxx (x < 20h)   Axx
* Set Tempo                     Fxx (x > 1Fh)   Txx
* Pattern Break                 Dxx             Cxx
* Pattern Jump                  Bxx             Bxx
* Pattern Loop                  E6x             SBx
* Pattern Delay                 EEx             SEx

4. Miscellaneous effects to influence playback of a single note

* Set Finetune                  E5x             S2x
* Sample Offset                 9xx             Oxx
* Regrigger Note                E9x             Q0x
* Cut Note                      ECx             SCx
* Note Delay                    EDx             SDx
* Invert Loop                   EFx             SFx

5. Miscellaneous effects to set global variables

* Set Filter                    E0x             S0x
* Glissando Control             E3x             S1x
* Vibrato Waveform              E4x             S3x
* Tremolo Waveform              E7x             S4x

6. Combinations of other effects

* Portamento + Volume Slide     5xy             Lxy
* Vibrato + Volume Slide        6xy             Kxy
* Retrigger + Volume Slide      -               Qxy


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