Posted by Jack Millerick on June 29, 1999 at 20:19:15:

First of all great name. Mod musician must band together
and protect their property. I am not a musician but I would
support in any way I can, I like the music.

Look at it from both sides. I want to use some mods for
a demo and I want very much to ask permission and give
proper credit or even compensation to the musician.

Sometimes it is very hard to "track" down the composer!

Here are two cases in point. I would like to know who
composed "Cantina" I have asked around a bit but
nobody knows. I also had the feeling that
IF someone knew they may think that I was the Lucas
Police looking for blood. Not the case! If I use the
Cantina piece in a sales presentation I can't give
credit to the composer! What should I do?

I am also looking for the composer of "Sunwind" Same

Any suggestions?