Posted by Novus on June 30, 1999 at 11:19:10:

Whether ICOMM gets off the ground or not, I'd like to
see a high-profile site dedicated to making confirmed
rippers infamous, including posting the full details
of what they did, links to their e-mail address and web
page, and asking for people to come forward with
information on those and other confirmed rippers. I've
personally helped to blow the lid off of four different
rippers, yet only one of them ever even bothered to
apologize or to come clean, even in the face of
convincing evidence. (That one ripper actually admitted
to ripping songs that nobody had accused him of ripping
yet, so I believed the sincerity of his apologies.) I
figure if they don't want to come clean, then why
should we allow them to maintain any dignity in the
scene at all? Ripping seems to be on the rise again,
and if we don't fight it now, it'll get out of hand.

See ya!

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