Posted by Ray Burt-Frost on July 02, 1999 at 07:34:50:

In Reply to: Speak for yourself. posted by Novus on June 30, 1999 at 15:09:44:

: read itma.

: In closing, Eggbird, you can let people rip your
: own songs all day long if you want to. But don't
: tell other people that they aren't allowed to
: defend their own property.

: Sincerely,
: Novus

I tend to agree with your last comment.

If somone composes a mod that is *all* their own work and include a copyright notice

to the fact that it can be listened to but not ripped, that should be adherred to.

It would be a good idea if authors all included
an expicit copyright notice making things completely clear regarding if it can be just listened to, used by others on their web sites,
not for commercial use wiuthout permission, etc.,
with the release and then if something goes wrong, the composer has every right to sue!

There is one *very* imortant thing with all this
though, many, many times a mod is 'passed on' to
someone else, but thast copyright notice is missing, that can, of course cause problems for
all concerned, so to help, it would be a good thing if authors ensured that their contact address is actually 'within' the mod itself.