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: But first, letīs define what is stealth and what is not. I claim sample ripping is definitely NOT stealth, and that free use of samples should be encouraged.

Absolutely - I for one agree with you. I was surprised to see the thread about sample protection and passwords and whatnot appear in this board.

I've mentioned before how one of the really cool things about the MOD scene is how you can learn from others by looking at what they've done. You can't do that with MP3... But, you can edit the ID3 tag and change the author's name to your own - exactly what happened here.

Sure, we can begin a "Ripper Sotckade" as mentioned in an earlier thread, but we must be careful -- much like in the days of the "witch hunts" you don't want a frenzy to erupt, and innocent people being blamed... If I decided that you pissed me off, what is to prevent me from changing a song from my name to yours and then reporting you as a "Ripper"??

This is why there needs to be more organization, and more discussion about the idea. I hope that more people can join us here in discussing the situation.

Mister X aka Kim

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