Posted by Ming on July 05, 1999 at 11:57:10:

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: Sure, we can begin a "Ripper Sotckade" as mentioned in an earlier thread, but we must be careful -- much like in the days of the "witch hunts" you don't want a frenzy to erupt, and innocent people being blamed... If I decided that you pissed me off, what is to prevent me from changing a song from my name to yours and then reporting you as a "Ripper"??

Oh, you wouldnīt do that, Iīm too nice a person to piss you off. ;)

Well, nobody prevrnts me from starting false rumors on the net or on the scene right here and now either. Itīs not all that hard. I think this could actually prevent a witch-hunt mentality. Youīd have to convince the members of the network that you are right. Crowds are stupid and easy to manipulate. Individuals are smart.

To get back to one of the other original issues, to prevent corporate interrests to make money on our copyrighted music. Here we need some kind of tool that can prove that we actually are the original authors of a song. Who protects "real life" artists work from open stealth?

: This is why there needs to be more organization, and more discussion about the idea. I hope that more people can join us here in discussing the situation.

Letīs drag them in then :)


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