Posted by Novus on July 07, 1999 at 16:26:08:

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Hey hey hey, hold on there now - these
organizations are in the right by not releasing
that information. They have the right to protect
their personal files just as any other business
does. IF there is in fact a civil lawsuit being
filed, that information can be released with a
court order, so there is no reason to harass them
about their privacy policies.

I see your points, and I'm no lawyer, but I can't
help but think there is a bit of a paradox here.
To file a lawsuit against someone, you need to
know who they are. But to find out who DJ Carbon
is means getting or Tripod to release that
information. But getting them to release that
information needs a court order, which would have
to be issued in relation to a filed lawsuit. But
to file that lawsuit, you need to know who DJ
Carbon is. Maybe I'm missing something here, but
it seems to me that the only way to break out of
that loop is for or Tripod to voluntarily
release the info.

Please let me know if I'm wrong (which I hope I


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