Posted by Andreas on July 08, 1999 at 04:35:08:

...some kind of organisation IS needed. But it feels like it would kill a part of the scene feeling. Am I wrong? For me, tracking has never been 100% serious. I've made it for fun only. And now, when my group has a recording contract, we are using synthesizers and sequensers more and more. I've had my songs ripped, more than once, so I know the feeling. It feels terrible. But in 99% of the ripping cases I've seen, the ripper has quietly left the scene with an apology and a promise not to come back...

Tracking is for fun, if you want it to be serious, just join an ordinary copyright organisation. In Sweden we have STIM, in Norway TONO. They will protect your music worldwide, and you'll get money if it is used in any way. I am a member of STIM here in sweden, I know it works. I have tracked songs registered there, and if Dj Carbon would have stolen any of them and sold it, I would have had all legal rights to sue him. I still don't know if i would have done that though, since the music is gone and he know he's hated. He can't feel good, he must feel like a real looser (which he actually is) and that is enough for me. Comments?

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