Posted by Chris and the Clones on July 08, 1999 at 23:20:29:

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: I'm not a lawyer

I'm not a lawyer either but my experiences with a couple, more than I'd prefer, makes me weigh in with Kim on this.
A court order can be issued to find the identity of Carbon - the only problem I see is if everyone is going to find that the money they recoup will be equal to or greater than the money for a lawyer...

As to the organization - ultimately it is the only way - a digital key can be cracked by anyone determined enough - all you have to do is look at warez newsgroups and sites...
On the other hand, it would take a fair number of *very* dedicated people to police the scene and still it will be less than 100%
Who is to say Carbon is not setting up shop under a different name at a different site...

It seems that Yannick's protection will keep out most snot nosed dingbats from attempting but nothing is 100%

However, reading this tread on and now here ran shivers down my spine - certainly I would not want to see one of my children stolen... who does?
So I'll support the organization of a policing force and a digital key, with the full knowledge that it will not buy me 100% protection, but more than I have now.

And Ming - I support use of samples with a credit - it certainly is vital to the scene that we learn from each other IMHO