Posted by Mister X aka Kim on July 09, 1999 at 09:25:53:

Okay... There has been some discussion around this topic, which is good, and I think that we are beginning to agree that something needs to be done.

However, I can see that we will break off into tangents here and there, so to remain focused, let's think about this:

If an organization like ICOMM were to be formed, what would its goals be? What would its mission statement be? What types of situations would fall under its jurisdiction?

Let me give you my thoughts, and then hopefully we can all discuss it. I think that just having the name of the organization, and some members to act on its behalf would be enough to deter most people from copying the works of 'MOD Artists'.

All that you need are a couple of people to fire off cease and decist letters (emails) whenever something like the "Carbon Copy" situation occurs. If it is a professional-sounding email, most people will comply.
You also need a very simple website, with a logo and some information about the organization. (Just so that people can check it out.)

That's it, that's all it takes. Believe me, here in the ol' USA we have small people with big letterhead changing laws and suing people every day - just look official and scary, and you will be effective. I would liken that to what is happening between my two cats at this very moment: I have an older cat and a new kitten. The older cat tries to check out the kitten, who responds by arching his back, turning to the side, bristling his fur and hissing. The older cat backs off, since the younger one made himself out to be threatening, and bigger than he really is. Get the similarity? (c:

As far as password protection and all of that, I see us going down the same road as the SDMI, and I for one certainly do not want that. What is going on now in the commercial music business is insane, and I don't want to see us go down the same path.

An organization like ICOMM would serve only to protect the rights of the MOD musician, one of those rights being the right to freely distribute his/her music without the fear of losing 'credit' for their work.


Mister X aka Kim

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