Posted by GrandMaster on July 13, 1999 at 11:04:30:

I started tracking 8 years ago, when the scene just started to get active.. the last couple of years its growing rapidly, and the tracks are getting better and better. In can image that some "wiz-kids" will ripp tracks and sell them for money. Therefore we definitly will need an institution like ICOMM, just a place where you can read about these copyrights and protected songs. i mean, I always asked permission if i use other ppl samples/instruments (when possible ofcourse) and lately more and more ppl are asking me for permission if they want to use my samples. Its still a hobby for me so i 'll never say no to the trackers who ask permission. But stealing/ripping a complete song is an other story. Thats where ICOMM is needed.
An organisation which will track these "rippers" and shut them down ! beside that i think all trackers must look out themselve if they see a site which is suspected. and if they find one. report that site to ICOMM so they can take actions on this person..