Posted by jak on July 13, 1999 at 16:34:19:

Hi, I'm new around, but not new to the music scene ... I run a small dance/techno community, at and I also happen to have just graduated from law school here in Italy ... :-)

I like the ICOMM idea, even if I think that the best protection comes from technology, having something that doesn't others rip your files off (don't flame me, but wasn't a plug ever written to finalise a .mod file, like after it is ready for distribution it becomes read only (or changeable only w/ password)?).

If a tech solution isn't pursuable, the creation of a site (I'm getting confident w/ Php3 and MySql, those might help) for the reporting of infringments would be a so-so solution, but consider that it's always a my-word against yours thing, expecially w/ lesser known ppl and individual artists. E.g. situation .... Person 1 spreads a ripped song to his friends, that don't know the real author .. after a year the real author realises it and posts on the site ... But person 1 friends will say the song is from person 1 .... See where we get?

I agree about writing a little legalise, and maybe a database of national laws on the subject wouldn't do bad ... ( I could help w/ italian legislation ...).

L8rs to all, and ...
Happy Music Making! :-)