Posted by Tracey Dierikx on July 13, 1999 at 18:56:12:

The idea of a webpage defining ICOMM is good - as is the
sending of 'official' emails/letters to offenders...
only one glitch - can we back up the letter with action
if it is ignored?

As has been raised in Mister X's news page - DJ Carbon
could just "re-invent" himself under another moniker,
and continue doing his thing...

I feel that whoever takes on this responsibility of
chasing up the rippers of entire songs will be in for
a hell of a lot of time-consuming searching - I'm sure
Mister X can vouch for how much time it takes up just
to run a website - let alone "extra duties" such as those
of ICOMM...

One suggestion is to have a section of the ICOMM pages
for Trackers to "advertise" ownership of their new
creations as they are released - maybe enlisting the
help of sites such as ModArchive, TraxInSpace, etc..
to cross check supposed/legitimate authorship with
ICOMM's author/song database.

Attempting to impose passwords on files or editing
priviledges will only result in hackers/crackers
devising cracks for that purpose - so may not be the
way to go either.

I have been reading the postings in this board, and
although there seems to be much favour towards the
idea - there haven't been many constructive suggestions
on how to implement the idea.

Come on guys/girls - more suggestions will make for a
much stronger presence - and higher likelyhood of being
listened to by these thieves.

Tracey D.