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Well, Password nowadays doesn't have to be an all-or-none thing: we have the technology to implement far more complex password protection schemes (2-3 level passwords): I'm no real tech (as I said before, my field is law), but follow me on this for a sec: an author has access to a main password, general all-or-none, and also to a second password, for patterns or sample lists ... A person likes a mod, wants to pick up a sample that is not a commonly available one, but one invented or heavily modified by the song author: so drops a message to the author, asks for password level 2, and implements the relevant patterns or sounds...

I know this approach may sound far away from the open source culture and related approaches, but the thing here is to give Credit to the right ppl, and if someone is too lazy or lame to do it, why not implementing it at software level (of course ppl could just not use this option, but at least having it there would be an attempt...)

About hackers cracking or patching, hey, we gotta give them something to work and play w/, don't you think? Actually, they could help programmers make such an implementation far better then w/o their help! :-)

Hope to be in-topic and helpful to the discussion ...

: I read a message suggesting the implimentation of passwords, to alter the contents of things like MOD files.
: That concept really frightens me, since for my own entertainment I frequently take samples, and pieces of pattern data, and play around with it. Since I don't publish most of my work, let alone sell it, I'd hate to lose the abilities I now have to take advantage of the freedoms of the medium.
: Another point against that would be that you would need to update tracking programs to listen to these protected mods. If I want to use ST3 to hear something, but it won't work I doubt FC's gonna update it.
: Sorry to waste Board space with a farfetched worry.

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