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Yeah, I know it's no easy job: about the making of an mp3
out of it, I don't see in the near future any technical
solution to it ...

But the "credit/author" sort of ripping maybe could be
discouraged some by the use of such a scheme, or at
least, let's put it reverse, we would give an ez way
for musician B to tell musician A "Hey, I'd like to use
your pattern and/or samples" and for the program to auto-ad
that info:

Imagine (again, sorry if I don't get into tech details)
that when you do a copy and paste from another author tune,
the prog adds the original author in a tag ...
The way round it would be doing things by hand (slowly, consider
that rippers want to do 0 effort ...), or changing
the tag (ez when a cracker makes a proggy for it, but
no battle can be won if the battle ain't started, don't
you think?)...
that about patterns, about samples the game is a little
thougher, nothing comes to my mind now ...
For sure all these changes need sw writing (could it be a plug?)

But if a programmer bothers writing, then it will be
up to the tracker musician to choose (then, he'll have a choice)
to use the modified progs for writing, and it will be a
matter of time and sw replacement for mod listeners
to pick up the new sw ... I don't know, maybe a slightly modified
file save format needs to be written ... So that if ppl wants to
listen, they need to get the plug ... But then
there will be cracks "stripping" the file and converting it to old ...

Still ....

This was about the preventive side.

About curing the problem, no real cure is there, maybe just
analgesic stuff, to keep it to a phisiological level...
I agree on "scare letters", and a reference point for
reporting abuses (remember thus the word-against-word thing,
and the possibility to be sued for difamation, because
going around saying someone's a ripper while he's not
doesn't sound nice...).
A database site could be ezly built in MySql+Php3 ..
I'm learning, it'll take me a few months to have the skills ...
Anyone got them already? :-)

: mmmm...

: but implementing a password thing would only keep
: the sample/mod-ripper away. other people who just
: want to make a mp3 out of it or sell it on a cd,
: can still do so.

: and: passwords would need to encrypt the sample/
: track-data, because without encryption you could
: still get the samples/tracks/... so the players/
: trackers had to be modified to let them use/play
: a password-encrypted mod.

: cu
: <-aurora

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