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I'm debated on this ... What I'm trying to do is to
see if it's a technically viable option, but as usual
I should ask myself if it's a wanted option:

I'm positive on the OSS concept, but that includes
the idea of giving credit to the original author.

Dealing w/ Rippers, or Carbonizers, you need to prove
who made the original first: what if the musician
pretending a song is made by him, is a ripper himself?!

I don't know: could we think of ICOMM as a repository
of digital signatures for digitally signed songs?

Let me explain: could a song, once finalised, carry
a digital id (watermarked or not, numeric, alphanumeric,
whatever), and the artist have a digital signature to
link to digital id of song, so when he creates a song
he wants to release, he tells ICOMM he made the tune w/ id

This might help w/ whole tune ripping?

(could a subset be translated at sample/pattern level?)

Just throwing ideas at you all, hope to help out ...

Happy Music Making,

: Personally, I am against the password-protection
: of the MOD files. I know that there could be
: multiple levels of passwords and such, but does
: an artist really want to bother with sending the
: username and password to everyone who wants a peek
: at his samples? To avoid this, they will probably
: put the password in the ZIP archive along with the
: song, and then, what is the point?

: I think that we should strive to keep the MOD file
: formats "Open Source" - I think that many of us
: learned how to track by examining the patterns in
: tracks that we enjoyed, and by using samples that
: we grabbed from this song and that one, and
: playing around. We certainly do not want to take
: that away from the newcomers to the scene.

: What we need is to eliminate the fear of "Open
: Source". Get the message out that these songs are free to listen to, free to distribute and
: free to learn from, but that the listener is not
: free to call it their own.

: Sure, in a perfect world, there would be mutual
: respect for everyone and an author would always
: give the proper credit for the samples that s/he
: used, and he would never simply change the info
: in the song to his/her own. But, we have seen
: that people are born Opportunists, and when they
: see the chance to make easy money, they take it.

: If we can nip this in the bud, and get the message
: out about what our intentions for our music are,
: perhaps there will not be another "DJ Carbon" to
: deal with in the future.

: Mister X aka Kim