Posted by Novus on July 14, 1999 at 15:33:11:

I read with some satisfaction the final news article on MODPlug Central ( about the DJ Carbon scandal, and I'm glad to see he had the maturity to come forward and admit his wrongdoing. However, there's one angle to the story that hasn't been resolved yet, or at least that has been resolved but was left out of the article. DJ Carbon was reportedly participating in's program in which people can buy CDs with "his" songs on them. This means that he may have made money off of the songs of other trackers. Did he receive any money from this program? And if he did, is this money going to be given to the artists who actually made the songs, or is DJ Carbon still holding on to the money?

The only source we can really trust for this answer is, since if we ask DJ Carbon himself, he could easily lie to us and walk away from this whole scandal with the scene off of his back and the scene's money in his pocket. Yes, DJ Carbon did finally admit what he'd done, but only after he was caught. And where is the honor in admitting to something only after you've already been caught doing it? I'm a bit concerned at the "love-fest" that seems to be developing around DJ Carbon by people who are rushing to close the book on this scandal. But if the money angle has been resolved, then I'll be glad to forgive and forget. I just want to make sure there are no loose ends that will wind up around somebody's neck down the road.

See ya!

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