Posted by Jadriel on July 15, 1999 at 15:31:29:

Okay, summating a second... (is that a word? Well, now it is). This whole ICOMM point seems to boil down to one picture for me, but stop me if you're wrong...

A) A Database of Artists.

You sign up, using your name and get an ID. No hassles there.

B) Registering your Songs.

Another database, this one you post to with access from your ID. You post the name, and date of your song, with an option for URL. First come first serve for posting.. after all, how is someone going to rip off your song *before* you've released it? So log it as you do :)

C) Get it Recognised.

If everyone knows this is the definative place for checking song origins, registry, whatever you may call it, then they'll know this be the source to check out those nasty little 'borrowing' allegations.

I'm basically thinking of a self maintaining system which is used as a reference for anyone thinking of either debating a rip issue (get the first track released from the database, Q.E.D) or maybe if someone commercialese knew to come here to check whether or not the tune he's peddling actually BELONGS to the guy peddling it.

Not so much another MOD archive, more of an index to the MOD scene.

Am I wrong? Have I missed something?

Erm, and sorry for taking up so much room ;)


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