Posted by STratoHAKster on July 16, 1999 at 13:57:20:

I can think of two old instances where MOD composers had their work stolen from them and used for commercial purposes... Several years ago, there used to be a radio program called RadioNet which broadcast over satellite and was aired by many stations in the
US (and probably elsewhere). They were using a Purple Motion/Future Crew techno mod for their promo/bumper/intro music.

Also, I remember walking through a large computer store in San Jose when I heard the classic Jogier Liljedahl mod, 'Guitar Slinger' which was being used to promote Gravis Ultrasound cards (implying that the guitar was being synthesized on the card!!). There
were a few other mods that I recognized in that demo as well, yet I didn't see any credits listed.

I know that back when the Amiga demo scene was big, quite a few of the demo effects would get stolen and appear on Euro-MTV inside music videos.