Posted by Mister X aka Kim on July 18, 1999 at 20:15:12:

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: My concern, though, is that if we start bringing up the topics of legal
: counsel, and who can and can't have our music where and when,
: we risk becoming exactly like the minions of the RIAA, something I kind of hoped the MoD
: scene could avoid...

: Does this bother anyone else out there?

Yes, of course it bothers us, but I for one believe that it is not the formation of such an organization that would make us like the outfits that you described, but more how we carry out our business as that organization.

For example, ASCAP is one organization with way too much time on its hands, and seeks out and harasses anyone that it can. The organization that we are proposing (IADAP, ICOMM, whatever) would be dormant unless needed, doing only what was necessary to make its presence known.

Just because we need to use their tools doesn't mean that we are becoming like them... We cannot simply stand around and allow things like what happened to Melcom and Andreas and DNATrance happen without some sort of recourse.

I am hoping that we can have a lot more discussion in this forum so that we can all understand exactly what it is that is being proposed.

Mister X aka Kim