Posted by PaRADoX on June 29, 1999 at 14:58:58:

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I have the idea and code required to create
a standard password encryption scheme for "locking" the contents of a MOD and am planning to implement it on a tracker I will start creating as soon as I come up with the money I need to buy a decent C++ compiler. I will release the code as soon as I can so that other soundtrackers will be able to implement it.

I am all in favor of ICOMM and hope that the rest of the MOD scene shares my enthusiasm about it.


: Hello friends,
: hmmm... a nice idea is:
: "a password protection for editing, playing or sample-ripping",
: for the FT2, IT or for the ModPlug Tracker.

: PS: Thank you MisterX for this article and for this ICOMM Discussion Group.

: Regards, mel