Posted by Whiggy on July 28, 1999 at 06:37:32:

With so much to say it's hard to know where to
start. Well, it seems that for the most part everyone
is in agreement that *something* needs to be done. So
the question is what, and how should it be done? At
this point I don't think I personally could answer
that. Hopefully, someone more knowledgable and
resourceful can. What I can suggest though is that at
the very least a web page can go into construction. It
should outline the situation as it stands and direct
people here so they can voice an opinion if they wish
to. Basically a place to start building from.
As for this whole sample ripping, software song
password issue, let's not even get into that. If we get
into that then we have to discuss all the trackers who
convert real songs into modules and that opens a whole
other can of copyright worms.
Now on to a new point that hasn't been mentioned.
DJ Carbon ripped off more than just mods. He ripped off
ReBirth tracks too as I recall. The ReBirth artists
community is fledgling in comparison to the tracking
community but alot of the same principles apply since
many artists use both. I think they should be
represented in this project as well. (Which is why I'm
partial to the other name, IADAP.)
Remember, the best weapons a community such as this
has are word of mouth and solidarity. Yes, the net is a
big place, but there are a lot of people watching it,
and as long as they speak out the people who try and
pull crap won't get away with it. Having a place
where people can speak out seems to be the bottom line
of this project.
Lastly, to all you artists out there who are
reading this (and to you too Kim) I'd just like to
thank you all for the years of enjoyment you've given
me. I'm always amazed by the new and original things
you guys (and girls) do, and at how far the scene has
come and how good it's gotten. And above all that it's
always managed to stay free. Keep up the excellent work.
I hope this project works out.