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Olivier Lapicque

Olivier is 24 years old and live in Santa Clara, Califiornia, USA. He has got two main hobbies and those are skiing and programming. Olivier makes a living being a audio software engineer at Chromatic Research. On the question: "What are your future dreams", he answered: "One day, finish the ModPlug Tracker :)"

When did you start developing MPP?
Early 1997, but I started writing mod players about 4 years ago.

MPP plays the modules very accurate comparing to other players, is it using the well-known MIDAS system or have you developed your own playing routines?
Nope. It's 100% my code, except for the UNZIP functions.

Why did you get so interested in making a modplayer?
Hard to say... I just felt like it, since it's been a long time I did mod stuff.

If you were to convice a person why he/she should download your modplayer, what three words would describe the player best?
Well, if this person needs a mod/s3m/xnm/it player for Win95, it's the best.

For how long will you continue to develop the player?
I might stop once I'm done with the tracker, but I'll probably continue working on it for the next year.

Are there any new features planned in the future?
For v1.31 final release, I added MMX support, and rewrote the high quality resampling algorithm (now using a cubic curve ax3 + bx2 + cx +d, in realtime for each sample -> that's why you probably need a PMMX for that) I'll probably try to support DirectSound when I have the time, and I'm thinking of other features like a small toolbar, suuport for pitch envelopes, directsound, and even mpeg encoding... But I don't really want to start working on a new program right now.

You are also the author of ModPlug Tracker and ModPlug-In. Which of the programs do you spend most time working on?
Well, I started with the plugin, and once it was done I wrote a player. Now, I'm pretty much not touching the plugin code anymore, and I try not to work too much on the player, since I'm trying to get a tracker working.

Are you getting good response from MPP users? What is the most common question you get?
Most of the time, users are satisfied, but asking for more new features, (some of those features are crazy). I also receive a bug report once in a while, and that helps me a lot to track effects problems.

Are you a tracker yourself?
Nope. I wanted to be one, that's why I started writing my own tracker about 5 years ago (DarkTracker), but once it was done, I realized it was a very bad musician (and it's a lot of work to track) - and I got very interested in the technology side of the tracker (mixing).

I thank Olivier for putting up with my questions :), and hope him well with the player and the tracker.

You will find Oliver's page right here: Olivier's homepage!