What is the purpose of this FAQ? Well, it is centered around a.b.s.mods, of course, and deals with the problems that are usually encountered there. It originally started to help new readers of the group find programs and modules, decode the posts, make contributions of their own and give pointers on where to find further information.

Since its original inception, the scene has changed considerably, and absm along with it. The questions, mind, are irritatingly similar, which is why I attempted to update this FAQ - but hopefully as a more general resource tool than previous versions.

This FAQ does NOT attempt to teach you how to make music, but there are sections on all aspects of MOD creation including pointers on various online tutorials. Neither will the FAQ go into explanations of certain editors/trackers/players. There are pointers to both sites and information where you can learn all you have to learn about all these subjects *in* the FAQ.

I work (like most of us) and keep up with tracking in my own spare (ha ha ha) time. Therefore, time is extremely precious. To that end, I can't spend much time hunting down links and/or programs mentioned on absm. I only know my own kit(MS-DOS/Windows/GUS/SB), so I depend on your feedback and your contributions. If you have something you feel belongs here or any other form of constructive criticism, don't hesitate to email me with it. You can reach me at:

If you've contributed to the FAQ, your name and address (optional) will be listed. If you have contributed previously and your name is not credited, please let me know.

Thank you.
Steve Gilmore


As I already stated, the information included in this FAQ is believed to be correct. If you happen to find errors, inaccuracies or out-of-date information though, don't hesitate to inform me of it. The same applies to suggestions you may have concerning additions or omissions.

When submitting to the FAQ, be sure to include all information that is necessary. The easiest way for me is if you take the present FAQ as a guide-line. Pre-written and ready-to-use submissions are a lot less prone to errors I could make in editing and summarising your information, helping both of us.

Be sure to state which version of the FAQ and which section you are referring to. This is version 3.0 and is the latest version, but there will probably be much earlier versions around for a while. So if you think you have something to say, try to obtain the most recent version before going to the trouble of writing a submission.



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