AmigaThe major work on this section was supplied by Steven Innell, Christian Stieber and Heikki Kantola from 1994-1997. The 1998 updated information was completed by Steve Gilmore and Hugh Hulme. All of the following players can be found on aminet in mus/play/ (see 6.1).

Because of the confusion surrounding Aminet at the time of updating, I checked the main Aminet site in Germany, and that seems to be fine. Lots and lots of players and peripherals here, but I noticed that the accent now seems to rest with MP3 players :-) Nonetheless, there are still plenty of trackers/editors/players here so it's worth the browse. Unfortunately, and as normal, no Amiga user wanted to assist us in the FAQ updating, so if you want to review and comment on the Amiga players in more depth, please contact me. All of the following players can be found on aminet FTP in mus/play/ (see 6.1) or at the main website address at
"All of the following players are proper applications, i.e. they use windows and don't hack the hardware (except for the sound hardware). All of the following players use external players to allow for an unlimited number of formats (provided that somebody writes a player). All of the following players support Pro/Noise/ SoundTracker, ScreamTracker, FastTracker. I believe that most of the players support MultiTracker and TakeTracker as well (DeliTracker certainly does)".
I can't vouch for the accuracy of the above statement, which was part of the original FAQ. As I mentioned above, I do not use an Amiga so it's more than a little difficult for me to make any authorative comments. I'd really love for an Amiga user to get involved (hint, hint)
  • Delitracker 2.27 - As with Eagleplayer, a majority of the program has been re-written to speed it up, as well as adding several new players (Deli-AY being one), and improved S3M support. There are also a host of new "Genies", such as the Christmas Snow-Scene, and The Dr-Who genie. Fast Tracker II XM support has been added in version 2.14. This player is my personal favorite (editor's note: Steven Innell speaking), having a better gui, and nicer "feel". It too is a shareware production, costing around $20 (or 20 DM) again to register for. All features are available in the demo version.
Checking the readme on the Aminet site, I came across this blurb:
This politely (huh?) multitasking program will play all popular sound program modules available on the amiga. Currently it supports over 120 (!) different module formats plus one special format for modules which contain their own player. ProTracker and PT-like players are internal; additional players are loaded from disk. That means you can very easily add/update players by placing them into the DeliPlayers directory.

Shareware: the requested shareware fee is $US 20 or 20 DM. Registered users will be shipped a disk with the latest release version of DeliTracker.
  • EaglePlayer1.54c - This player now has been re-written in areas, making it faster, and better looking. It also added several new "eagleplayers" which has increased the number of mod/music formats which it will play. It currently supports a majority of PC mod formats (S3M, MTM, FastTracker V1) and many Amiga style mods (too numerous to mention). You can also use some of the players from Delitracker, although some do not work, or are already included with the distribution archive. This is a Shareware production, and most features are available (except saving of configs, and mods) in the demo version. The registration fee is around $20.

While I was rooting around in this directory I also noticed what I presumed to be the next generation of this player 2.01. This is what Aminet had to say on the subject:
  • supports more than 150 music formats including most common sample formats (including CDDA, AIFF, WAV, Datatype, raw formats...)
  • completely hardware-independent replay system, redirecting the sound signal via custom 'amplifiers' to the audio hardware.
  • supports toccata.library for Toccata, Melody and Prelude sound cards
  • extremely fast mixing routines
  • currently supports 64 custom programs, e.g. amplifiers, user-interfaces, analyzers, scopes, external depackers, listviews, managers etc.
  • carefully and extensively adapted playroutines. nearly all of them support volume and balance, and most common players support the modular amplifier system.
  • replays with 8, 14, and 16 bit resolution (depending on the hardware)
  • supports free scalable mono, stereo and surround replay
  • replay speed can be controlled easily, including pitch for several sound formats.
  • music-fadein and fadeout
  • plays from fastram system
  • supports all common system features, such as ARexx, commodity, appwindow, iconify, asynchronous online help, font-sensivity, pubscreens, hotkey...
  • supports xpk, xfd, powerpacker, imploder, crunchmania, lh.library, and more formats for decrunching, and any type of archive may be accessed like a directory.
  • is highly system-compliant and uses heavy internal multitasking
  • external programs (players, amplifiers, engines) are loaded when needed and removed automatically.
  • CyberGraphX is directly supported by some scopes.
  • configuration via configfile, tooltype and commandline arguments
  • allows timer.device, CIA and VBlank playspeed timing
  • does not interfere with modem use
  • easy and comfortable configuration that covers numerous details
  • window-positions, player and engine settings, current module, each internal and external option will be saved globally with a single action
  • module info includes playtime calculation for soundformats like Protracker, Oktalyzer, SonicArranger, Jamcracker, DigiBooster and most sample formats
  • an Amiga with 68020 CPU
  • OS 2.04
  • 0.5 MB ChipRam and 1 MB Fastram
  • around 2.5 MB Harddsik space
Shareware, USD $20

Snail Mail:
        Henryk Richter                          Jan Blumenthal
        Stephan-Jantzen-Ring 47                 Erich-Muehsam-Str. 34
        18106 Rostock                           18069 Rostock
        GERMANY                                 GERMANY
  • D.A.S.ModulePlayer 3.5b - Plays M.K., NST, 6CHN, 8CHN, MTM, S3M, Quadracomposer, MED, Future Composer, SoundMon 2.0, FRED, MusicAssembler and David Whittaker mods. New formats may be added via external player libraries. Requires MUI for its GUI. Requires AmigaOS 2.0+. Crippled shareware 25 AUD, 70 FIM, $15.

There are several DAS Player peripheral files on Aminet, but the player itself seems to be absent. I suggest you root around in there anyway, maybe you'll find something else. Be aware though that the last files posted there on this subject are dated between 1994 and 1996. I suspect the player is still active somewhere, but - short of dragging every Aminet directory - not for poor ol' me...

These players were found there...(yaaaaahhhh!)

  • PS3M V3.12 - V3.12 of this player is now the first player to support the PC FastTracker2 XM style mod. It also supports the other PC favorites (S3M - hence the name, MTM and Fasttracker V1), as well as the standard Amiga MOD format, and also PlaySid format, providing you have the playsid.library in your LIBS: directory.
  • Hippoplayer V2.44 - This is the second player to support the FastTracker 2 XM mods. It is also one of the only players that will uncompress ZIPped files (as well as LHA as do Eagle/Deli, and LZX'ed files) saving you the bother of having to do it 8*). The sound quality from this player in most cases is IMO the best for the higher channel numbered PC mods (8-16 Ch in XM and S3M formats). It also supports the standard protracker format, and Playsid (providing you have the Playsid.library as with PS3M). In fact, the XM support was taken from PS3M, and so the player routines for the PC format mods are nigh on identical to those from PS3M, the difference being Hippo has a better front-end, making it nicer, and easier to use. Hippoplayer now incorporates directory opus,Right Mouse Button selection boxes and external "Scopes" such as the PT-Note scope and various equalisers. Several enhancements and additions have been made to the program in this latest release.

Once again, sorry for the sparseness of the information but where are all the Amiga users? As always with Aminet it's generally worth a major browse... Exasperated with the search for Amiga users, I went looking for myself. I've used the MushyPD site a couple of times because I had previously found some very good Amiga IFF/SVX samples there. The MushyPD site is at

and it had these players available in Feb 1998:
  • MEDPlay.lha - MED player for AMOS
  • MMPl_CLI.Lha - 75K - Mod player written in AMOS Plays Sound/Pro/Noisetracker modules as well as Octamed module, AMOS .Abk modules and tracker banks.
  • MusicMeister.lha - 248K - A .abk music player with some example mods
  • TitV1_5.Lha - 63K - Mod player written in AMOS .
  • TitV1_7.Lha - 58K - Titchyplay CLI Version 1.7 Written in AMOS Pro.
Tobias Reckhard (jester) finally got so irritated by the lack of information on Amiga's that he was spurred into doing an Archie search, and this is what he found (Archie information can be found in Appendix E):

Archie server:


all verified 2 Mar 98 (there are several others (.it, .fr, .pl, .net, .se)


all verified 2 Mar 98


none yet verified


So there ya go, obviously having an Amiga-head working on this section would yield some better results, but there is certainly enough references here for you to start finding some of the players mentioned. Archie is still a good (if slightly techie) search method, so by all means use it. A complete tutorial by jester can be found in the appendices of this FAQ. Any links you come up with could then be emailed to me for inclusion in this section. With full marks to you of course! Instant fame, what more could you want?

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