Power MacPleonist <> (currently offline) added a lot of new information to the later part of this section. Most information, however is from the original FAQ. Additional 1999 updating (and all further Mac info) from absm regular Glen Warner <>. Please feel free to contact Glen directly if you have any further information or know of a program you think we should be mentioning.

For a description of Player Pro and Sound Tracker, the obviously most popular Mac programs, see section 4.1.3

Before we get into a very confusing area :-) Glen Warner offers a little simple advice:

For the most part, any Macintosh shareware application written will end up on the Info-Mac Archives. Hard drive space is finite, so some things get deleted. If you are looking for anything, try the Info-Mac Archive's search engine:

Simply type in what you are looking for and, if its there, it will be found.
If you really wish to play with some of the older programs mentioned here, try


A very wise idea considering the oldness of the next few paragraphs. However, with the help of Glen and other committed Mac users, the next update of the FAQ will see this entire section rewritten. OK, so I'm dreaming but it's a worthwhile goal eh?

Rich "Akira" Pizor <> noted this in the original FAQ:
  • The Macintosh-tracker. This freeware program plays MODs compatible with the Mar Epsie's Tracker, Player-Pro and the Sound-Tracker. It also features icons courtesy of Skaven and the Future Crew.
  • Alpha-Tracker. This system extension is a tiny, faceless application that automatically plays randomly selected MODs in the background while you work. Slightly old, supports most 4-track formats.
  • MusicBox XCMD. This XCMD for HyperCard adds a very functional MOD player to a HyperCard stack, allowing the more adventurous Mac owner to quickly and easily design their own MOD player. Supports most 4-track formats.
  • Mod Player 2.1.2 ModPlayer 2.1.2: Plays MODS, S3Ms, XMs, MEDs, ITs, 669s, MADx (PlayerPRO's native format) and MTMs (note the ReadMe says playing MTMs may cause problems on Power Macs). Good looking interface; runs in 1meg of RAM. $10.00 shareware fee. Check this web page for updates:
Lyman Green <> added this comment on 21 Dec 1994:

  • SoundApp 1.5.1 by Norman Franke will play or convert sound files dropped onto it. Currently, it supports: SoundCap, SoundEdit, AIFF, AIFF-C, System 7 sound, Sun Audio AU, NeXT SND, Windows WAV, Creative VOC, Amiga MOD (including Oktalyzer, MED/OctaMED and some other variations with up to 32 tracks), Amiga IFF/8SVX, Sound Designer II, DVI ADPCM, Studio Session Instruments and any 'snd' resource file. SoundApp can convert all of these formats to System 7 sound, sound suitcase, AIFF, WAV and NeXT formats. SoundApp can also convert QuickTime soundtracks and audio CD tracks to AIFF, System 7 sound or suitcase formats. Mod playback is PowerPC-accelerated on Power Macs.
The following paragraph is from the SoundApp help file:
Amiga MOD: This is not really a sound format but a music format. it stores digitized instruments and contains a musical score which produces a lengthy composition with a very small amount of data. There have been various extensions to this format, but SoundApp only supports those which Sound Trecker 2.2 supports. These include Amiga SoundTracker, StarTracker, NoiseTracker, ProTracker (4-track), Amiga StarTracker (4- and 8-track), Oktalyzer (4-8 track), Amiga MED/OctaMED (4-16 track MMD0/1/2 formats), IBM FastTracker (4-, 6- and 8-track), IBM TakeTracker (1-32 track). SoundApp does not support MTM or S3M formats. Native code will be used for MOD playback on a Power Macintosh.

Glen Warner did some digging and came up with this:

Most recent update: January '99. Current version is 2.51. This small program plays mods in all formats (IT coming in next version). Handles nearly all sound formats. Can extract sound tracks from QT movies.

Minimum System requirements: ".... at least System 7.0, Apple's Sound Manager 3.1 or greater, the Drag Manager (aka Macintosh Drag-and-Drop, part of System 7.5) and at least a Macintosh with a 68020 or a Power Macintosh. QuickTime 2.0 or greater is required to manipulate QuickTime movies."

This program is a must-have if you do *anything* with sound.

New Japanese version available:

New French version avaiable:

New Swedish version available:

UPDATE NOTE: The URL discussed in the earlier FAQ is:

...and I doubt it still exists.

Pleonist <> did some research in this section and this is what he returned as of January 1998:
  • MACMODPRO macmod-pro-501.hqx Made By: InDweller Productions Licence: Shareware

    MacMod Pro is a MOD player and editor. It allows you to create professional-quality songs that don't require extra hardware to play. With the new easy-to-use interface and many new features,it is time to download the program MacUser rated five mice!

    New features since version 4.15:
    • Staff editor lets you compose in music notation
    • Print sheet music
    • New player drivers
    • New hypertext help system
    • Enhanced interface and many bug fixes

    Requirements: * System 7 * Color QuickDraw * 2 MB of hard drive space

    Web Site:

  • Glen Warner checked out the latest news on MacMod Pro which has been updated to version 5.2.

    Testing in progress. Initial impressions: it has been updated to work with MacOS 8.5, and there have been a few bug-fixes. Scrolling in the (G-cleft) editor is as smooth as the previous version. Ships with the same songs, also. Definitely worth a look. US $25 shareware.

  • MikIT MikIT.sit.hqx File Size:285 K Licence:Freeware

    This is a Tracker that plays Impulse Tracker files only. It is written by Jean - Paul Mikkers, and Ported to Mac by Nullsoft, (Dmitry Boldyrev) the creator of Mac Mik Mod, DSM and others. It is 100% compatible with IT among other formats.

    Web Site:

    NB. Mikit is also available for win95/nt and Linux at the same address
  • Glen Warner wrote this on the subject:

    MikIT is no longer on the Info-Mac Archives, no longer at the author's homepage. An e-mail from Jeffrey Lim may shed a little light: In response to my inquiry about the availability of some sort of IT 2.14 converter:
    "... The coder of MikIT already does have the decompression code working, but there have been some political/commercial problems with the author of the Mac port of it, hence I don't expect that there will be any future Mac versions of MikIT."
    In a more recent e-mail, Jeffrey adds the following:

    "MikMak (author of MikIT) provided source code to several people so that it could be ported to various platforms. The author of MacMikIT was one of them that received the sourcecode - he produced the Mac port. but later on, he went on to start a company specialising in music/ multimedia programming. He told MikMak that he wouldn't use any of his knowledge gained from MikMak's sourcecode; which MikMak and I feel is a load of BS - and it means that he could well use any of the code that MikMak has given to him without MikMak knowing any better (since he won't be releasing any sourcecode of his own) - hence, any further updates of the MikIT sourcecode have NOT been provided to him - MikMak provided the sourcecode in good faith that the Mac community would benefit from it, and I guess he feels that he was ripped off."
    A couple years back, it was very difficult to find a mod player that supported the S3M format. As you can see, those days are over. The difficulty now is getting players/trackers which support the IT 2.14 format. Thus far, there is no mod player or tracker that supports the compression scheme used in IT 2.14. Fortunately, there is:

  • MacAmp Lite: (shareware; US $5.00).
    While primarily an MP3 player, MacAmp Lite also supports several sound formats: CD Audio, .669, AMF, .DSM, .FAR, .M15, .MED, .MOD, .MP1, .MP2, .MP3, .MTM, .S3M, .STM, .ULT, .XM, and .IT Interestingly, the same programmer that wrote MacMikMod and MikIT is primarily responsible for MacAmp Lite. IT support (as is support for any format mentioned) is via Plug-ins. By now, all the programmers involved in creating trackers have a copy of MacAmp Lite and the IT plug-in; it's only a matter of time before they all support the new format.

    One caveat: You have to allocate a *lot* of RAM to MacAmp Lite for it to play, say, "Dirty Walk" (from Necros' FM-System disk). If it quits when you try to get it to play something, give it more RAM.

  • PlayerPRO 4.5.8 PlayerPRO 4.5.8 (FAT).hqx File Size:1.3 M Made By:ROSSET Antoine Licence:Shareware

    Runs on all Macintosh & PowerMacintosh PlayerPRO 4.5.3 (FAT). You can use it with any Macs without any specific hardware. PlayerPRO can load and play following formats: MOD, S3M, Midi, MTM, MADx, OKTA, snd, WAV, AIFF, AIFC, MED and XM.

    Web Site:

    NB. Player pro also available for win95/NT.

    Glen wrote this in 1999:

    PlayerPRO 5.0x upgrade CD is now available ... but I found some troubling upgrade 'requirements' and I am e-mailing an inquiry. Basically, they want you to have purchased a copy of the PlayerPRO CD *after* August '98. The problem here is that I ordered mine way back in '95 or so ... so naturally, I am asking questions!

    I believe the 'August '98' date is when Quadmation began distributing PlayerPRO, and I purchased mine directly from the author.

  • ModPlayer 2.12 mod-player-212.hqx File Size:469.8 K Licence:Shareware

    ModPlayer is a simple music program. Supported file formats are: MOD, MADx, MED, S3M, MTM, XM, 669, OKTA and IT.

    Requirements: System 7.xx, M68020 or higher, 1500 kb of free RAM, Color monitor (256 colors or more)

    Glen Warner found this info on a new version:

    ModPlayer 2.16

    Small player. Supports MOD, MADx, OKTA, MED, MTM, S3M, XM, 669 and IT (uncompressed). Good interface. System requirements same as last version. US $10.00 shareware. Plays for 15 minutes and quits. Shareware notice shows up each time you start the app.

    and then he discovered more info on the ZSS Player for us....

  • ZSS Player Supports MOD, MADF, MADG (PlayerPRO's format; support is somewhat spotty), MTM and S3Ms. Minimum requirements: 68020 processor, System 6.0.7. There's a Beta available at the web page, version 1.0B (PowerMacs only). This version adds support for ITs (uncompressed). Unfortunately, it crashes after playing these after a few minutes (other formats work fine). The author is working on a fix. Development on the ZSS Player has slowed due to the programmer getting a Real Job(tm).

    I am unable to check the functionality of the MADx translations; all the MADx files I have are MADH, which neither the new version nor the previous version supports.
  • Mac Mik Mod mac-mik-mod-30.hqx File Size:361 K By:Dmitry Boldyrev Licence:Freeware

    A Macintosh version of MikMod, well known mod player originally for IBM PC platform.

    Web Site:

  • Mac Mik Mod 3.0 Disappointing interface which consists of a non-closable window labled 'Osciloscope' which shows the wave forms of all the instruments and what should be a 'Preferences' screen which, once you've chosen your preferences, should disappear. Not so here. Other than those major shortcomings, this program plays MODs, STMs, S3Ms, ULTs, MTMs and XMs. Freeware. Crappy interface (as noted above). Runs in less than 1 meg (while playing "Realization" by Necros as a test mod). Check this page for updates: Glen Warner added this info: MacMikMod: no updates since 3.0. Web page is still there, however...but the program itself isn't on the Info-Mac Archives.

  • Sound Trecker soundtrecker2.2.sit.hqx File Size:254976 Licence:Shareware

    Supports a variety of MOD derivates with up to 32 voices. Nifty interface includes a display which shows an oscilloscope/ sound spectrum. Enhanced for PowerPC Macs with a plug-in module.

Glen Warner reports ST is no longer available on the Info-Mac Archives.


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