MS-DOSWhenever I field a newsgroup question about how good is this player or that, I always refer the poster to Randy K Abel's <> massive work of love "IBM MOD Players Compared", which is still the most complete listing of players seen so far. As of the last update (Sept 98) however, DOS programs such as Sound Club, FT2, IT etc still do fine, obviously the top votes are being concentrated between Windows programs such as MODplug Player (top choice of voters) and MOD4Win. The continuing decline of DOS players/editors is now a fact of life with most newbies on the newsgroups using some form of Windows. Anyway, WWW users may wish to check out the "IBM MOD Players Compared!" www page at The listing can also be sent to you by email simply by contacting Randy direct.

  • Cubic Player
    Handles the following formats:- AMS, MOD, NST, WOW, XM, IT, S3M, DMF, MTM, ULT, 669, OKT, PTM, MIDI, WAV(!) & CD Audio. Sound Cards that are supported:- Gravis Ultrasound, Ultrasound MAX, Ultrasound Daughterboard, Soundblaster 1.x, 2.x, Pro, 16, 16 ASP, AWE 32 & compatibles, WSS compatibles cards, Pro Audio Spectrum Series & quiet mode. This Player still lacks good IT support.

    There has been a lot of speculation about the fate and/or whereabouts of Cubic and, at the time of writing the last update, I was still no wiser. I found a site then at:

    At the time of this update (1999) the page is still there, although looking much the worse for wear and with a last update date of 01/05/1997. Doing a little further digging, I came across:

    which states it is the 'official' Cubic site. But then here's another:

    Yaaaahhh!! Judging from the state of this site Cubic seem to moving right along, a new version (2.5.1) of the player is available as is what appears to be a Cubic SDK download. My thanks to newsgroup mate wOOd (of Acid Demons) for that final piece of the puzzle. They are obviously intending a pure Windows and Unix versions soon, as well as some interesting ideas about using Windows Direct Sound capabilities. Funny, a couple of years ago Cubic seemed to be dead in the water. Nice to see it refreshed and revived... Well worth checking out any of the following sites for Cubic schtuff: will get you at least the versions mentioned, along with a good stack of other players and editors

  • iNERTiA PLAYER File Size:130k Licence:Shareware
    Supports- GUS,PAS16,WSS,SB16,SBPro,SB,Adlib,Covox,StereoOn1,PC Speaker and MIDI Plays- MOD,NST,STM,S3M,669,E669,MTM,WOW,INR,PSM,FAR & ULT Features- EMS,UMBs,Menu,DOS Shell,256x Oversampling,Volume Amplify, PAL/NTSC Switch, VU-Meters, Graphical AFAIK, this player is still there but note that Hornet is disappearing shortly and almost all of these kinds of files will revert back to the cdrom FTP site.

    DMP plays MOD/NST, STM/S3M, 669, FAR, MTM and AMF on PAS16, SB16, SB Pro, GUS, GUS MAX, Windows Sound System. Has software filters (reverb/echo, lowpass)and quality mode, supports both flavours of MOD and S3M stereo panning, now has a 'handy module file selector'. Archiver support has been removed in v4.00. The overall accuracy of DMP's playback seems to have improved a great deal. Careware and/or cardware. By Otto Chrons.

    Once again, note that the file is contained now on the cdrom FTP site, not Hornet. Hornet is still in the process of shutting itself down forever but the site is still active as of Jan 1999. More on this subject in section [6.4]. The following list of players are still available through the Hornet section of but who knows how much longer that will last. None of these programs were checked as per playability etc, so make sure ya really want it...!

  • GENMOD v1.3 for DOS converts MOD, S3M, MTM, 669, FAR, MED, STM & ULT music files to the new .GDM format & then plays elegent stereo music thru a variety of sound cards (GUS, SB1x, SB2x, SBPro, and PAS) Includes setup and music format conversion utilities. Register and get a 2 disk set with ZIP support/more and free audio CD player.

  • UNIVERSAL MODULE PLAYER By Terry Chatman aka void of i.TECH : Some consider this THE module player. Supports XM, S3M, MOD, STM, 669, MTM, SB, SBPro, SB16, PAS, PAS plus, PAS16, GUS. Has very nice graphical views and TONS of new features. DOS although works under Win95.


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