Apple II GSThis section initially supplied by Peter F. Handel (Zelix) <>, with special thanks to Ian Schmidt (IRSMan) <>, Kris Olsen <> and Frank M. Lin (PoTTy) <>.

This section was read through and updated by Carsten Stiller <> who found that the programs hadn't changed but most of the URLS had...the version numbers can consequently not be relied upon. Check out for the latest news. Once again, if there is an Apple user out there who wants to set the record straight, get in touch:

Like a lot of the smaller OS's the Apple seems to suffering under the Windows onslaught too. Finding reliable up-to-date information is an increasingly frustrating exercise. There's a little ray of hope insofar as the iMac being able to emulate an Apple when necessary - but that's probably still a feverish gleam in some programmers eye... The above link has now been changed to:

This archive bears the following message, which should hold out some hope for all you Apple users:
"This Apple// archive exists because people all across the internet raised the funds to buy the 1.7gig disk this archive uses".

Kewl eh? The site looks quite full, although being a 'Doze user, I have no idea whether any of the files may be of use to an Apple MOD fan. Although there doesn't appear to be a /music directory on the main site you can find one in each of the /Apple8 and /Apple16 directories. Just a quick browse through those directories shows /demos, /songs and /utils and a further search brought up Noise Tracker, Synth Lab and Sound Smith in the /songs directory...

The Apple IIGS is equipped with the Ensoniq 5503 chip, the 8-bit predecessor to the GF-1 and 5506 chips found in modern PC soundcards like the Gravis Ultrasound and Ensoniq Soundscape.

  • MODZap v00.90b3
    One of the best mod players available for the Apple IIGS. It boasts such features as a half screen oscilloscope, full screen oscilloscope (for people with a Zip Chip accelerator), and a 4-Channel "QuadraScope". Also has option for a graphic-less display, good for multitasking. Arguably the best sounding mod player, supporting nearly all effects. By Ian Schmidt <>.

  • NoiseTracker
    One of the more interesting mod players. Originally by Oliver Goguel and the FTA (Free Tools Association), 1WSW has released further "updates" (1.3, 1.4, 2.0). Many programmers have disassembled these so-called "updates" and have found little to no modification to the actual code, often changes actually harming sound quality. Most people recommend sticking with v1.10. This program runs under 8-bit mode, is written completely without tools, and therefore does not adhere to the Apple Human Interface. This program has a lot of Easter Eggs! By Oliver Goguel.

  • ShellPlay v0.71
    Approximately equal to MODZap in sound quality. As the name implies, this player runs from any shell (like the Apple IIGS's UNIX flavor- Gno, or ORCA/M) and works well in the background (even with a high-speed modem connection). By Brian Bening.

  • soniqTracker v0.6.3
    The only desktop program that comes close to ModZAP Features include a soniqAlarm, that plays a mod or list of mods at a selected time. Display is similar to MODZap's full screen oscilloscope. The source for soniqTracker was recently released to the public. By Tim Meekins <>.

  • Sonobox
    A new mod player based roughly on shellPlay, but with a NDA (New Desk Accessory) interface, making mod music available to just about any GS/OS application that adheres to the "Apple Human Interface". By Tony Morales.

I include just the main music directory here because it is definitely worth the browse, there's even a WaveLab v10 in there! I doubt, however, whether is has anything to do with the WaveLab recently issued by Steinberg.

Because Carsten (In the 1998 update) uses a linux system, none of the software mentioned was tested and we accordingly have to go by the original reviews. Once again, any Apple help here would be most appreciated.


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