UNIXThanks to Andreas Schiffler <> for the following information:

With the new version of DOSEMU (ver. 0.60.4), quite a number of trackers work under Linux. As of this version, DOSEMU supports Soundblaster emulation and basic DMA, which should get most trackers working with it. It is available at

Carsten Stiller <> supplied this in the 1998 update on a new Linux tracker:
  • Funktracker Gold 1.0

    A textbased tracker for Unix. It only supports .mod format and the internal .fnk format. Plays music over /dev/dsp - no GUS support yet.

Note this was the ORIGINAL link and it no longer appears to be valid. So unless you like staring at 404 messages, best not to click on it. The Sunsite Linux Sound libraries seem to be quite full (to my eyes it seemed to be mostly sound editing stuff). I know that Funktracker is out there somewhere because I've seen discussions on it. Anyone shed some light on their present whereabouts?


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