This section was initially supplied by Heikki Kantola <> All further updated information was provided by M. Linus Larsen <>.

Heikki writes: There's several "exotic" mod formats for Amiga which are usually just differently packed ProTracker variants and therefore pretty easy to convert to normal PT format. There are at least the following mod converters on Aminet (see section 6.1; unless a path is given, the files mentioned below reside in */):

Converts exotic mods to MOD
Linus writes: There was no link to Perverter in the original FAQ. Here's several courtesy of the excellent Lycos FTP Fast Search page at:

Convert many music formats to PT
Once again, some FTP listings for this program:

Music module converter v2.6b

And then there are some of the weirder ones:

Convert SMUS music files to MOD files

Convert MODs to General MIDI type 1 files
Linus writes: Here's a definite listing:

At the time of writing, these files of interest were in the Aminet site at:

AIFF2Studio.lha    *     4K  12+Convert AIFF (mono/st/8/16) to Studio 16
ASdemo.lha         *   202K  48+Demo of Powerful Synth, renders samples.
MDEXCH112.lha      *    27K 165+Converts Maud samples to Aiff v1.12
med2xm.lha         *    10K  46+Converts OctaMED SS mods to XM's, V1.25
mid2mid.lha        *    78K  82+MIDI converter. Play GM-files with GM NO
mod2midi3.lha      *   112K 205+Mod2Midi3,conv .mods to midi files 100%
Noiseconverter.lha *   102K 145+Multi-Converter for 4ch Tracker Style Mo
P6102.lha          *    72K 137+Converter and replay for PT modules
PcSID2PlaySID.lha  *     4K 116+PcSID player format sids to Playsid conv
PerverterV1.41.lha *    14K 175+Converts exotic mods to MOD
RAW3MAUD.lha       *    11K  97+Convert raw audio to IFF MAUD
SoundBox.lha       *   165K  30+Soundfile multi-format converter. V2.9b
tp2pt.lha          *    10K  92+TrackerPacker to ProTracker converter, v


At the time of writing, has a great number of converters but (being Hornet) it will not be around for long. Obviously, try if the site is down before the next FAQ update. This is what it featured in Jan 1999:       7,730       669 to 8-channel MOD converter v1.0     450,107       Awave V4.2 by F.M.J. : Audio & instrument file
                              format converter, editor & player.      13,520       Chop Mod! v1.6 Convert Amiga 2.x executables to
                              MOD       40,993       Chronos Module Conv. 1.01 by Chronos      79,060       Several _nifty_ conversion utilities by Bushy    117,789       Convert v1.3B : Good converter 4 many sound/music       9,281       Xtracker's .DSF to ST3's .SMP sample converter     13,551       It2xm V1.01 by Phoenix of Hornet : IT2XM module    522,238       Midi To Xm File Converter V1.4 by Ian Luck     85,804       MIDIMOD v0.2 Convert MOD to MID     80,902       Midimix 1.1 by Zvika Ben-Haim : Converts MIDI
                              files to XM format.     38,797       Mod15 v1.2 : convert 15/31 instrument MODs      21,576       MOD to 669 converter     40,808       Mod2XM v1.0 : MOD/S3M to XM     15,219       MTM to MOD v1.1 by Renaissance        58,557       PTMID v0.1 by Andrew Scott : MID files to MOD       6,480       IFF to RAW converter by S!P       8,927       ToAmiga Music Module Converter v1.00 : STM to MOD     15,628       Wav To Xi Converter 1.2 by MAZ      15,067       WavConv v1.0 by James M. Curran      120,598       Xm2Mid Package by brekeke of brekekek :     43,308       Xm2wav 1.06 by Digisnap

Should be enough to please just about everybody there, but remember Hornet will close soon...

All of the MS-DOS programs mentioned in the earlier FAQ could not be found. As you may have noticed, the files are a mixture of DOS and/or Windows based.

Besides, what is this fascination with ruining a perfectly good (if not GREAT) MOD by turning it into a MIDI file? This is a weird world, folks....


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