Most MOD people know about Trax Weekly, and maybe Signals, but if you look around there are plenty of e-zines, newsletters and the like on the subject.

That's what I wrote in 1998, but time rolls on and TW hasn't appeared in all that time. Once again, I blame it one the curse of MODFAQ :-) It has been sort of replaced by another excellent e-zine from Coplan called Static Line.
  • Static Line

    I nicked this snippet...

    Subscribing to the Static Line mailing list is simple. Using your preferred e-mail account,send an e-mail message to majordomo@kosmic.org. In the the message text, include the following command: "subscribe static_line". If you complete this part correctly, you will receive a message with instructions on how to confirm your application to the mailing list. Follow the instructions carefully, and you're set. Good luck, we'll see you soon.


    It's a good MOD read though, so grab it while TW wanders the wilderness..
  • Trax Weekly

    Still around after all these years<g> This has been a staple on the scene since 1995, and is still required reading for anyone with a serious interest in what's happening. Psibelius, however decided he'd had enough and at this moment the 'zine is no longer available. All the back copies are still available though, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

    TraxWeekly is available via WWW from: www.hornet.org, under section "Information" and subsection "TraxWeekly."

Our old friend The Hornet Archive also keeps TW as well as loads of other scene related e-zines at: Should be http://www.hornet.org/info

But I'd either expect these to end up on scene.org or on ftp.cdrom.com.

Once again, there will be many more ezines out there, any and all information on This subject is most appreciated.


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