• Buzz 1.04 (2662 KBytes) by Oskari Tammelin

    There's been an ongoing debate on absm since Buzz first made it's appearance about whether this was the new face of tracking, and it certainly has the hallmarks of such a thing. A strange hybrid of external software (called machines) is the basis for real innovation for Buzz and where most attention has been centered. It isn't an easy interface IMO but there are plenty of people out there who'd shout that opinion down, and rightly so. If you get into it, as many have, some of the things you can do with it are pretty amazing... The range of machines is growing by the day too...

  • AXS 2.02 by NewStyle

  • Maz synth page says: it's a software based multi-channel multi-voice multi-timbral Physical Modelling Synthesizer.......??!? It supports SB16/AWE or GUS Classic and saves audio to WAV file ,full MIDI implementation, external MIDI IN support GUS, SB and COM-port, you have access to 4 different channels/instruments via MIDI, VESA 2.0 with linear frame buffer (LFB) support for the 640x480x256 videomode

Definitely worth taking a look at both programs because, sooner or later, all trackers will look like this :-)


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