The place is absolutely awash with the things :-) Almost as soon as I started researching some of the links I'd gathered I built up the following list:

  • Acid (the Steinberg version)
  • Audio Architect
  • FruityLoops Pro
  • Fruity Tracks
  • NovaStation
  • PhyMod
  • Generator
  • Reality
  • Stomper
  • Mellosoftron
  • VAZ
  • Orangator

And that's just a small list I could dig out, being as ruthless as possible over what is/is not a softsynth. Tons, eh? Here's what's on the excellent MAZ Sound Softsynth Mirror at:

Buzz 1.04** AXS 2.02 (Demo) BitHeadz Retro AS-1
Signum's 1100 DX (sampler) Simsynth 1.3 Smorphi 3.0**
Stomper Ultra++ 3.0b Sound Fx 1.5 Defractor 0.97
CSound 3.46 VAZ 1.5** RubberDuck H3o+ 2.04**
Orangator 2.b** Bass64 FruityLoops 1.40**
Fruity Tracks** Hammerhead 1.0** DrumStation 1.04**
seq-303 2.019**    

Some list eh, and a really GREAT page on the whole range of softsynths. I've personally tried and recommend all the items on the list marked with a **, but don't take my word for it, dive in and try some for yourselves...

Here's some other good softsynth starting places... - VAZ - Generator - another excellent softsynth site...


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