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of The Tracker's Handbook v0.5 By DrAvalance/HTD

Since many people find HTML documents much easier to use than plain text we've decided that it would be a good idea to create an HTML version of the Trackers Handbook . We used frames and links to let you jump easily to other parts of the document . Added some graphics...
In version 0.15b we've decided to add MOD-Plug support so that you can hear your favorite music while browsing through the documents . We though that putting one of our tunes would increase the zip size too much. So we've decided to let you pick your favorite track and use it . So here's what you should do . Pick the file you want to use (it doesn't matter if it is MOD , XM , IT , etc. as long as Mod-Plug supports the format) and zip it if you like . Rename it to "module.mdz" (don't use capital letters) . Under the directory you have the handbook there is a subdirectory "mod" . Copy the file there . Now reload the Handbook and everything should work fine . (Maybe you need to configure ModPlug so you can go to the setup if you right click on it) . Since Version 0.5 we stopped the embedding of ModPlug.
If you found any mistakes in these documents or have any comments please drop us a message :-) .
DrAvalance aka Nephilim_ on Irc-Net
Howard The Duck
Please remember that we're responsible only for the HTML conversion of the text file . We're NOT responsible for the content of this file . If you find any errors in the content please read the intro page . Also , comments on the HTML files (and their structure) will be greatly appreciated .
Obviously the HTML version will always come out with a small delay because we have to get the text version before we can update the HTML . We will try to keep this delay as small as possible (1 or 2 days) . The latest version of the Handbook will always be available at this URL :
You can browse through the latest HTML Handbook at these URLs :

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Internet Explorer 4.0 : Everything Looks Fine .
Internet Explorer 3.0 : Some space characters are shown as rectangles. This can be solved this way : View / Options / Advanced /  . Deactivate the "Use Style Sheets" option . Now everything looks fine :-)
Opera 3.21 : Everything Looks Fine but the JavaScript-Buttons and the CSS dont work.
NCSA Mosaic 3.0 : Only the links are shown (!!!) . No text . No frame support . I'll see what we can do .
Lynx : It looks good but try each .htm file individually . No frames , no colours , no graphs . Welcome to Unix :-)

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