The Tracker's Handbook has been written, not as a guide to one specific computer or tracker, but to cover every single aspect of tracking, every single tracker, and every single machine available ever. It is intended to be, when completed, the most comprehensive guide to tracking ever made, and a one-stop source of help for every level of tracker out there, from total beginners through to seasoned masters.
It is not intended, however, to replace the other great tracker tutorials and FAQs such as the alt.binaries.sounds.mods FAQ.
Hopefully I can steer this guide away from any sort of bias, but if any occurs, it is only due to my own and any contributors experience and preferences. Music style bias is quite likely, but that can only be expected, after all, its human nature to like and hate certain styles. However, I will not allow any machine, tracker, sampler or player bias here, due to the fact that each has it's good and bad points.
This is an early beta version, with quite a lot unfinished or inaccurate, if you have any comments or contributions, or have spotted any mistakes don't hesitate to contact me at: -

E-mail -
Post - Matthew Coulson
16 The Pines
SA10 8AL

Please don't mail me requests for resources like trackers, modules, or samples. If I tried to satisfy every request this will never get finished, so you'll just be wasting your time. Anyway, there's a list of Internet resources at the end, so use that...
If you want to receive the latest version when its released, then please send an e-mail to "" (without the quotes of course).



Contributions are badly needed, and any contributors will have their names included in the contributors list at the end of the handbook, unless you specify otherwise (Even if your contribution doesn't get used your name will still appear here, unless you specify otherwise).
If you want to contribute something, but don't know what, simply search for "(Information needed)" for some ideas. Anyone can contribute, no matter how experienced they are. So if you've just started and have found out something interesting, then send it in, you may be the only person that knows about it.
Please realise that you can contribute anything - if you don't see it in here then send it!
If I've included some tips or whatever, of yours without your permission, and you don't want it to be included, just contact me so we can sort something out. Remember that nobody is making any profit out of this...
One last point, don't send me anything if you want it to remain exactly how you wrote it. I WILL edit virtually everything, to keep the same sort of style right the way through.


The Tracker's Handbook is Freeware. This means that you can distribute it freely, as long as it stays unmodified.
It can be included on magazine coverdisks, and on shareware disks etc. without the need to pay me or anybody else any fees. I would appreciate it if I am notified of its inclusion (a copy of the magazine/disk would be nice, if at all possible :v). This will show just how far it has spread.
Feel free to send donations, letters, junk etc. to show your appreciation of it if you so wish. You are NOT obliged to send me anything. A significant portion of this wasn't even written by me!