This is a brief summary of mod types. For further information, see the documentation of file formats and/or the associated trackers' documentation.

In this list, Name refers to the identifier string found in modules of this type or a term, which unambiguously identifies the module format type. The Default Extension is the filename extension typically given to the mod type. Note that, even though they are often used, extensions do not clearly define formats. The No. of Tracks is pretty obviously the number of tracks mods stored in this format can have. The No. of Samples states how many instrument (sample) slots are available in the format. The Sample Properties denote the no. of bits (i.e. the resolution) the format can store and wether the CxSpd is fixed or variable. The Associated Tracker entry is only meant as an example.

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AMF .AMF 8 31 8 bits fixed None
M.K. .MOD 4 31 8 bits fixed ProTracker
xCHN .MOD 6/8 31 8 bits fixed FastTracker 1
FLTx .MOD 4/8 31 8 bits fixed StarTrekker
NST .MOD 4 15 8 bits fixed Noise Tracker
669 .669 8 64 8 bits fixed Composer 669
UNIS .669 8 64 8 bits fixed UNIS669
MTM .MTM 1-32 31 8 bits fixed Multi Module Edit 1.01b
      (63)*** 16 bits ***  
STM .STM 4 31 8 bits var ScreamTracker 2.xx
S3M .S3M 16 + 9 ** 99 8 bits var ScreamTracker 3.2
    (32)* (255)* (16 bits)*  
ULT .ULT 1-32 64 8 /16 bits var UltraTracker 1.6
XM .XM 2-32 128 8/16 bits var Fast Tracker ][
FAR .FAR 16 64 8 /16 bits fixed Farandole Composer 1.00
WOW .WOW 8 31 8 bits fixed Grave Composer
OKT .OKT 4-8 255 7/8 bits fixed Oktalyzer
DMF .DMF 32 ?? ?? X-Tracker 0.3
MED .MED 4-8 **** 32 8 bits fixed MED / OctaMED ****
IT .IT 4-16 ***** 255 8 / 16 bits var Impulse Tracker
MT2 .MT2 1-32 ??? 8/16 bits/var Mad Tracker 2

The S3M format is capable of storing these, but there isn't a tracker there yet to implement them.
S3M can store 9 FM-based channels (Adlib).
MTM supports these, but the current version of MMEdit doesn't allow for them.
There are several versions of MED (MMD0, MMD1, MMD2 and MED). MED is the file format prior to OctaMED. All MEDs can be saved as so-called song files, i.e. w/o actual intrument sample data. There is also a WINDOWS version of OctaMED called OctaMED SoundStudio in production. See the Trackers section for more information.
Seems to have MIDI-style Note-on/Note-off commands; can play multiple instances of the same instrument in one channel.


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