The most essential ingredient to the newcomer to MODs is probably the hardest piece of kit to pin down - the player. For generations now(hee hee), absm and amm has rung to the shouts of 'your player sucks' and the like. Simple fact is, like the music heard on this software, it's a personal choice. A few years ago Cubic Player was the only player worth defending, but today the choice is nothing short of amazing.

A player usually has some kind of feature to show you pattern totals, sample information and song notes (Most trackers write short notes in the 'samples' section of the MOD). Some players even have 'scopes to show you the fancy, wavy soundwaves that captivated most early MOD listeners, although this is a practice not being followed in most Windows based trackers. And consequently, it probably is the same for most other platforms. Bit of a shame, I know millions of people who are now suffering 'scope withdrawal :-)

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