OS/2This section originally from David E. Wach <> on 10 Nov 1994, DMPlayer part by Doug White <> 2 Sep 1995.

This section was updated in January 1998 by Carsten Stiller <>.

  • Digital Music Player 1.3 by Keith Murray <>
    Digital Music Player is a native, multithreaded OS/2 Presentation Manager application that plays MODs, MIDs, WAVs, AVIs, and any other format that MultiMedia Presentation Manager/2 (MMPM/2) supports. Supports any soundcard that works with OS/2 (which is most). DMPlayer can play sounds at a maximum of 16-bit 44.1kHz stereo output. Output is placed in a buffer to keep the music playing during high system activity, and contains priority management to increase priority when the buffer drops below a specified point, and drop it down when the buffer is increased. DMPlayer plays from a songlist, which supports drag-n-drop and saveable songlists with a variety of sort and display options. The songlist can contain any playable format, as well as archived files. DMPlayer comes set up for gzip and zip files, but any archiver that can extract files to standard output is supported.

    DMPlayer's main screen looks like a CD player, with a songlist, buffer size, current and total tracks, and song title. DMPlayer contains a sub-panel for adjusting the volume, balance, bass and treble for drivers that support it. An info panel displays the sample names/message, module format and source filename.

    DMPlayer supports 4 track, 31 and 15 instrument Protracker/Noisetracker modules, 4 and 8 track Startrekker modules and 6 and 8 track Fasttracker modules.

    The shareware version can't save the settings or playlists, registration is $25 and the key is sent back via EMail.
Eric Lowe <> wrote on 18 April 95:
DMP v4 (see section 3.4) runs correctly under OS/2. I use DMP32.EXE,though DMP will run too, just not as well. The catch is that you can't run DMP32.EXE from an icon directly, for some reason OS/2 doesn't recognize it as a valid executable, so I created a dummy batch file DMP32S.BAT that I put in an icon that just shells and runs DMP32. In fact, DMP32 runs better under OS/2 in a VDM than the native Presentation-Manager DMPlayer and supports a heck of a lot more formats.
And finally Snowman (Christopher G. Mann) <> wrote in March 1998:
"I use it under FreeBSD all the time too so you might want to mention that. :)"
Ftp to for more info on these OS/2 proggies. This is their index at the time of writing...

util/       DIR 1998/01/30  MODfile utilities
players/    DIR 1998/01/30  Programs for playing modules
trackers/   DIR 1998/01/30  Programs for editing modules
convert/    DIR 1998/01/30  Programs to convert between music formats

Well, what was that index is now, or so it appears, no more.

Once again finding almost anything music related in OS2 is a very disheartening task, MikMOD being almost the only real contender. (See next section for more..). While trying to gain information, I visited several highly touted OS2 sites (all of which were at least 6 months or more likely, 2 years out of date). I'm sure there is more OS2 stuff than this, but I don't use that OS - you guys do! Maybe you'd like to tell me?.

Carsten Stiller also found out these two new facts:

The newest DMPlay available is v1.41 and can be found at

  • MIKMOD 2.09
    The MikMod MOD player has also been ported to OS/2. It plays XM, ULT, STM, S3M, MTM, MOD and UNI formats. (The UNI format is an internal format used by MikMod.)



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