First, 2 programs from the maker of XMPlay, Ian Luck.

  • 2MIDI

    The first 2MIDI beta-release has "expired" and is currently off-line, an updated version will be available in early 1999. (Ed: OK, where is it then?) This is what the website had to say about 2MIDI:

    "2MIDI is a balls-on accurate MOD to MIDI file converter, it doesn't just stick the notes into a MIDI file. It also converts the effects and instrument info (volume/pan envelopes etc...) to make an exact MIDI copy of the MOD (assuming there are enough MIDI channels). It currently supports XM and MOD files, but other formats are a possibility in the future, hence the name "2MIDI" rather than 'XM2MIDI'."
  • MID2XM

    MID2XM is a MS-Windows program that, as the title suggests, converts MIDI files into XM digital music modules (FastTracker 2 modules). The purpose of MID2XM is to make it easier to create quality music for demos, games or whatever. By using a MIDI sequencer and instrument to record and edit the music before converting it with MID2XM to a XM module. Rather than starting from scratch using a tracker. Integrated WAV to XI converter, XM playback in Windows.
Both programs can be obtained from Ian Luck's page at:

  • PTMID 0.3

    Connverts General MIDI files to MOD (i.e. M.K., 6CHN and 8CHN) and MTM files. To do this, it relies on a configuration file which specifies the samples to be used, the number of tracks to generate and the resolution to use. A careful setup is therefore absolutely necessary if anything good is going to emerge. The resulting mods will generally still require some re-editing in a mod editor. Seems like it's freeware. By Andrew Scott <> for MS-DOS for Mac

Linus writes: The MS-DOS link checks out OK, but I can't log in to get the Mac version ( I'll try again later. The reason Linus couldn't get to this file is because it's not an anonymous FTP site. Therefore, any information on the Mac version would be a real help...


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