Power MacThis section initally by Matthew E Centurion <>. This section has been added to by MING of DiSC <>.

Matthew writes: Sound Samplers/Editors for the Mac aren't too easy to find.. but the best Sound Editor for the Mac is "Macromind SoundEdit" (Versions include: SoundEdit, SoundEdit Pro, SoundEdit 16 etc..) This has to be one of the best sound recorders and editors for mac.. it has most if not all the options from all the other programs listed for other platforms and it can do more stuff.. It has tons of effects and other options: reverb, bending, speed, pitch, flanger, noise, equalizer, mixer, backwards, tone generator, FM Synthesis, precision mapping, spectrum/waveform/dots, up to 44kHz sampling rate 8/16 (and even 24 methinks) bit recording, notes/tags on specific sections of samples, variety of formats AIFF, System 7 Sound, Resources, WAVS, Instrument, au, etc.. etc..)

I still think that SoundEdit WITH SoundApp is a good combination because SoundApp let's you save in more formats than SE can...

Ming adds: By an extensive websearch I finally came up with some hopefully Useful hints on proggies to use for sampling on the Apple thingamabob. There are actually quite a few, but I'll keep it short, and focus on the better ones:

Glen Warner <> adds: Unfortunately, SoundEdit 16 is rather costly for some users. Fortunately there is a shareware solution: SoundEffects .92 ($15.00), though note that the web page listed in the ReadMe doesn't work. This application also has a lot of effects, including waveform generator, smooth, silence, selection to channel, robotize, reverse, replicate, quick mix, normalize, noise, keyboard (pitch change via on-screen keyboard), fadeout, fade in, dither, amplify, resampling (up/down/resample), granular synthesis, sample hose (plug-ins), etc. SoundEffects can be found in the Info-Mac Archives. Use the search engine:
SoundApp 2.4.4 and SoundEffects are an unbeatable combination. The current version of SoundApp can be found at the above URL also, but you can also check the author's web page:
SoundApp is freeware.
  • SoundEffects

    a commercial wave editing program that can import all of the more common formats. I found no list of features, but from the info texts I could detect that it did all kinds of echoing, amplifying, flanger, equalizing, noise reduction and so on. Latest info (and downloads) can be found at:
Another useful site should be this:

It is said to be a great list with a number of sample editors, MOD players and Trackers (or rather, Tracker - Player Pro) for the Mac. But so far I haven't been able to connect.

And last but not least, those are editors and converters listed at the Shareware Music Machine at

Convert Mac Sounds into the Microsoft Windows WAVE Format and back.

A batch processing utility to convert sound format files to a desired type.

A multi-format sound player/converter. This one is probably the best shareware editor out there. Definitely worth a try.


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