Nearly all of the original addresses in this section previously were FTP addresses, where possible I have also inserted the current website for that product. It's always worthwhile taking the time to master FTP though (I recommend CuteFTP at simply because you may get quicker download times.

With the dramatic expansion of the web, a lot of the sites mentioned carry pretty much all the sample formats. Finding samples these days is a lot easier than 1994 which is when the FAQ was first written. A quick web search on any of the main search engines using either the sample format, or the name of the instrument/sampler that made the sample will generate loads of links... And then there's always the ubiquitous Hornet Archive which Snowman assures me "we have a TON of samples online at"<g> which is still there but may not be soon..

Kurzweil 2000: -
EMAX: - These sites are not happening - this is a new site... Says E-Max HQ...

The above sites are Emax and Emax II User's Group homepage and FTP, because (according to the blurb) these particular instruments have been discontinued.

SDS (Sample Dump Standard):
FTP Site only

Also worth a visit is

EPS-16+: -
That URL moved and the whole caboodle is now at the excellent Sound Central site at:

Sound Central would be an excellent starting place because it features almost every sample format out there!

TX16W: -
Note: This site moved about 5 times since this address and can now be found on the web at:

or by FTP at

Roland Disk Images: -
Note: This site moved outta town! Best thing to suggest here is that you go direct to Roland's www site at:

Yamaha SY-85 and 99: -
Note: This site has long gone the way of all things too. Try the excellent Yamaha UK site at (pay particular attention to their soft synths, you trackers! And see the new Soft Synth section in this FAQ!)

Microsoft WAV: -

Seems kind of pointless giving you a couple of FTP sites for WAV files. These are the overwhelming majority of sound samples floating around the 'net. I did a quick Alta Vista search while writing this and got this disturbing result: found 67328 AltaVista web pages for wav. Just think, up to your armpits in WAV's for eternity!

Of course, not all of these sites supply *instrument* WAVs but some will.

Personally, I find the best source of WAV instrumental samples are still from manufacturers and from the really tremendous WAV samples collections at SoundWave:

This was the tally of current samples when I was there last (mostly 44.1kHz, 16 bit stereo and/or mono):

  • Juno 106
  • Waldorf Pulse Samples
  • Oberheim Matrix 1000 samples
  • Waldorf Microwave samples
  • Kawai K1 samples

  • Boss dr550mkII samples
  • Roland MT-32 drum samples!
  • Typhoon TR-808 simulation samples
  • Alesis HR-16 samples
  • Roland TR-606
  • MPEG samples of Linn Drum, TOM and Univox

  • Lo-quality samples ("Tracker Packs")

  • Big combined packs (X5 original, D-50, Juno, DX27S, Pulse, M10000, and more)
  • All samples are compressed with Zip for greatest compatibility and good space savings:
    • Roland Juno 106 Samples
    • Waldorf Pulse Samples
    • Oberheim Matrix 1000 Samples
    • Wldorf Microwave Samples
    • Kawai K1 (User contribution)
    • Boss dr550mkII Pack (Ed: This is a KILLER drum kit!)
    • Alesis HR-16 sample pack (User Contribution)
    • Roland MT-32 Drums (User Contribution)
    • Roland TR-606 sample pack (User Contribution)
    • Typhoon TR-808 kit (simulation) pack
    • MP3 Drum Samples (User Contribution)
    • Linndrum sounds (105K)
    • Sequential Circuits Tom Sounds (20.5K)
    • Univox Micro-Rythmer 12 sounds (168K)

1.1-22.2 kHz samples. Format is PCM/RAW, unsigned, 8 bit FYI. From X5 described above and the Roland D-50, king of the late 80s.
SW-PAD1.ZIP - Korg X5 pad sounds and FX (1659K)
SW-BLP.ZIP - Korg X5 basses, leads, and pads (2216K)
SW-DRUMS.ZIP - Korg X5 drum kit (1062K)
SW-PIAGT.ZIP - Korg X5 piano, guitar, and organ (2012K)
SW-BRWBL.ZIP - Korg X5 brass, woodwinds, and pad final (2240K)
SW-CUST.ZIP - Korg X5 custom patches (2356K)
SW-D50C0.ZIP - Roland D50 PN-D50-00 card patches (2650K)
SW-D50C1.ZIP - Roland D50 PN-D50-01 card patches (3278K)
SW-441A.ZIP - Best of packs 1-5, 44.1kHz 8 bit (7435K)

There's a lot more at Soundwave than the packs I've mentioned, and it's got lots of links to other sample sites.

Synthesiser samples and more can also be found at Music Machines whose www address is:

A couple of sites I've personally found useful for WAV *and* other formats (particularly XI) can be found at

This really *should* be your first stop for almost anything tracker anyway!

Also the home of the YAMP windows MOD player, the soft synth SMoRPhi 3.0 and the best collection of XI instruments I've ever come across. In fact, while I was there I purloined a couple of the newer samples...<g>


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