MS-DOSOnce again, loads of link changes in this section, some programs disappeared probably forever, and not many new programs to replace them, if any. DOS is being ignored by programmers these days, but there are still some decent/worthwhile programs around that'll do the trick..

  • Advanced Digiplayer 3.0 by PSI/Future Crew

    SB & MS-DOS only sample editor, reads mono raw 8-bit and ST3-compatible samples and writes ST3 samples: features filters (hi- and low-pass), resampling, volume commands (maximize, set, slide and smooth ends), DC shift, reverse, reverb, echo, cross fade, robotize, flange, chord making, two waveform editing windows, unofficial freeware. is now the correct address for this file. This site can now ONLY be accessed by FTP, the server is used for web pages ONLY. Anway, while I was there, I found these other sampler proggies, but this is in the soon to be extinct Hornet archive so it may change at any time.  12,809  Dump AWE32 Samples to file : (DOS)          Awetube 1.17 by Milosz Tylenda : Simple realtime vocoder  291,537  Blaster Master v6.1 : (DOS)          CD Information v1.4 : download samples from CD               Compact Split v2.0 and CD Read v1.0 : Grabs tracks digitally            Encode/Decode II : digital sample encoder/decoder for
                      compression              FM Synthesizer v4           An FM Instrument editor          GB-303 v7 : sample synthesizer             Hardcore Speech Enhancer v1.3          New Prorave Synthesizer V2.21 by Nick'97  805,272  Compress 8-bit samples : (DOS)          ReSample v0.12a:Takes ST3 samples and resamples them at
                      any rate          Sampled V1.24 by Neurodancer : A full-featured DOS
                      sound-editor, with lots of effects  24,666  Acid Snarrl v1.6 : Sample synthesizer for DOS   81,339  Synthesized Sample Editor by Michael P. Weber     166,644  Ultra Amender v2.0 : Sampler for the GUS (DOS)


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