A new section for this FAQ features software that is featuring more and more in the tracking scene, soft synths and their associated fans. Softsynth is a name coined for software that generates it's own musical tones, but is applied to all kinds of software. Softsynth for example can cover tracker like software like Buzz or AXS or it can be soundcard software such as Yamaha's Sondius. I wouldn't, for example call D-Lusion Drumstation a softsynth, I'd call it a drum machine or a drum sequencer. See what I mean? We'll try and make things a *little* clearer as we go along.....hopefully....

Special thanks to wOOd of Acid Demons for the chapters devoted to his favourite toy...Rebirth....who says it far better than I could ever do... :-) Why a special place just for Rebirth? Well, it holds a special place in introducing us all into the new world :-) Respect due, I say...

Softsynths in General
Tracker Softsynths
Rebirth RB-338


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