Listing every web site that has a MOD chat room would be almost as impossible as listing every MOD web site. Instead, Let's just take a look at the two *main* areas that people meet to talk face to face. The primary source has always been IRC in general and #trax in particular. This method (although still boasting millions of users) has been joined in the last couple of years by Java chat rooms and the ICQ network.

A word of caution: If netiquette is important when posting onto a newsgroup, it becomes crucial when chatting online. Most new users tend to go a little crazy when they first discover net chatting, and just blurt out whatever comes into their heads. Chatting is most definitely a medium where a little thought about what you are saying goes a long, long way. In the various places I am about to describe you are going to meet some famous folks on the scene. Remember above all, that these people are also some of the busiest people around, and consequently it's best that you don't waste their time in idle chatter. Most of us just don't have the time for it. Although most trackers I know will join in conversations of interest, they really don't have the time to just pass the time of day.

Remember also that the have heard all the normal tracking conversations a million times, and they are probably not interested in what you consider the merits of this tracker or that. I would advise you to watch the conversation and - when you feel you have something to say - say it as best you can. If you make some valid or interesting points, people will start to approach you with 'private' chats (ie off channel, one on one) and this is where the real action takes place. Mostly, wait to be approached unless you have a specific question for someone else on that channel, then ask them if they will respond to a question. Mostly they will ask you what you need.

  • IRC
    #trax is still the number 1 IRC channel for serious trackers and you will definitely be seeing some very famous names in there. It's moved around a lot over the past few years, but it's now at scenenet. There are several servers to choose from, including irc.kosmic.org, irc.groove.org, irc.spin.org, and irc.demoscene.net - all will lead you eventually to #trax. If all else fails log into any ircnet site and join #trax.

    There are a few other #trax dotted around the IRC universe, none of them are the original (and best) #trax unless it is on one of the above servers.

    On DALnet there's also a couple of channels worth checking out #ssoft and #square - compo's and MOD trackers where I've had some very interesting tracking conversations. Dialling into any DALnet server should get you two channels, and a few others that come up. Try #mod_musicians for example, or #traxinspace etc...

    I'm *certain* there are more channels than the ones mentioned, so if you know of any more, email me and let me know.
If none of the above makes any sense to you, point your browser at:


and learn all about the essential peice of IRC kit, mIRC.

  • ICQ (I Seek You? Gedditt?....Doh!)
    Almost a direct descendant of IRC, ICQ takes the whole 'hi there!' routine onto another plain.

    Looking and acting suspiciously like AOL's 'Buddy List' feature, installing ICQ will instantly put you in touch with your net neighbours. When you are online, you can see who else is on line with you - all 8 million of 'em (at the present ICQ count) if ya want!. Then you can pester them with annoying questions, invite them into mindless chat for hours or even send them files of your latest opus! Sounds like fun, eh? Most of the people I know on the scene now have ICQ, and certainly the most active members of the absm newsgroup all use it.

    You can get it at: http://www.icq.com/

  • JAVA Chat
    I know there are many sites that have MOD related chat rooms but there very rarely appears to be anyone in them. That may be due to my own weird work schedule, or because no-one actually *uses* this facility. If anyone knows any different, I'd be more than happy to feature it.


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