Closing Words

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Has anyone noticed that by tracking you end up hearing more? "Hearing more?" I hear you say :v). Yes, I mean that you end up consciously noticing effects like panning, and you break music down into its component parts. A couple of my non-tracking musician friends tell me the same thing happens to them. It's really annoying!!!

If tracking is to flourish, we need to support each other. If you've enjoyed someoneís tune and they've left a mailing address, make contact, and let them know. If you've never had the experience of a complete stranger telling you they've enjoyed your tune (even if it's one you can't stand and think is crap) then you don't know just how good it feels. Just a short mail saying "xxxxxx was really good" or "I really liked xxxxxx" is enough, how hard can it be?

Those of you who have been following this project from the beginning may have noticed that this version contains less information than previous versions. After a good deal of feedback and thought I removed the sections that documented the features of individual trackers, players, samplers etc., along with the history section. These have been deemed unnecessary, although the history section alone could fill an entire book (anyone fancy taking on that as a project?).

Thatís all folks, the end of The Trackerís Handbook. I hope you've enjoyed it and found it useful. All that remains is for to send out my thanks to the following people, for their help in producing this.

Thanks to...

(In no particular order)

OverFuse - For being the guy behind the writing of this, if it wasn't for his enthusiasm in wanting to quickly find out what to do this would never have been started.

LeftField - For great music to listen to while writing this. Leftism is one of the greatest albums ever - if you don't have a copy then get one ASAP.

Tony Horgan - For getting me started in tracking and for all the tips and samples given in CU Amiga, they were really invaluable to a beginner.

Kim - For including this file on his great (and visited a lot) page. This really got everything started. Funny how I haven't yet received any e-mail from you!

MAZ - For encouragement, samples, including this file on his page, and the great idea for the ZIP file name.

Kosmos - For encouragement, suggestions, pointing out that it should be called The Tracker's Handbook (not Trackers), UT News letter announcements and for the HTML version on the UT Web Site.

Rubz - For putting the advert for Hertz in Future Music. Also for tons of help and contributions.

Dr. Avalance + Howard the Duck - For the HTML version.

Future Music - This is legendary eh? Woo! Thanks!


(In no particular order)

Darren Irvine, Jeremy S Rice, Radix, SquareMeister, Kupan, Pulse, Ilpo Karkkainen, ToalNkor, Stereoman, Dan Nicholson, Greebo, MAZ, Barry Nathan, Rich "Akira" Pizor, Novus, Louis "Farmer" Gorenfeld, Dr. Avalance, Rubz, Toodeloo, Linus Walleji, Kosmos, Trinity, Ganja Man, Airon, Vitor Pinho, Spatulaman, Sir Garbagetruck, Bonehead, Kevin Krebs, T-Jay, MaXimizer, phume, Captain Paradox, Asatur V. Nazarian, XRQ, DNATrance.


I want to include some more ASCII art dotted around the place, to disperse the text a little. Because this is a multi-platform document, I can't allow any ANSI/Hi-ASCII. If you've got something you'd like to include then send it to me, thanks. Argh! Please could whoever did The Handbook logo get back in contact! I forgot to record your name and e-mail when I got your message!

Remember, be yourself, track for yourself.
If you don't enjoy what you do then why do it?
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  .      .      *           .       .          .                      * .
                 .       .   . *               .           .
  .       ____     .      . .         .           .               .       .
         >>         .        .          .        *    .         .
 .   .  /WWWI; \  .       .    .  ____                        .           .
  *    /WWWWII; \=====;    .     /WI; \   *    .        /\_             .
  .   /WWWWWII;..      \_  . ___/WI;:. \     .        _/M; \    .   .       .
     /WWWWWIIIIi;..      \__/WWWIIII:.. \____ .   .  /MMI:  \   * .
 . _/WWWWWIIIi;;;:...:   ;\WWWWWWIIIII;.     \     /MMWII;   \    .  .     .
  /WWWWWIWIiii;;;.:.. :   ;\WWWWWIII;;;::     \___/MMWIIII;   \_       .
 /WWWWWIIIIiii;;::.... :   ;|WWWWWWII;;::.:      :;IMWIIIII;:   \___     *
/WWWWWWWWWIIIIIWIIii;;::;..;\WWWWWWIII;;;:::...    ;IMIII;;     ::  \_    .
WWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIii;;::.;..;\WWWWWWWWIIIII;;..  :;IMIII;:::     :    \_
WWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIii;;::..;..;\WWWWWWWWIIII;::; :::::::::.....::       \